what to expect

A session largely consist of kinesiology - muscle response testing which feeds back from the body's energy system/unconscious mind.  Working within the subtle bodies, meridian energy pathways (acupoints) and the key chakras, muscle response testing highlights items that cause the client stress.  It will incorporate lightly holding acupressure points as well as other vibrational tools such as crystals, essential oils, homeopathic substances, sound, colour, magnets, essences, Bach Flower Remedies, Access Bars and Reiki.  
A session lasts between 45 to 55 minutes with the initial session being a little longer as the client's concerns and any goals they hope to achieve are discussed
When a client wishes to deal with a specific concern it is recommended that they attend at least 3 sessions in order to give the work an opportunity to be assimilated. Regular sessions are a great way to keep your energy system in balance.
Each session costs £55 for an adult and  £35 for under 16s.
Appointments are available at The Injury Clinic and distance sessions via Skype/FaceTime.
A Client history form can be downloaded and completed in advance of the first session.

Your privacy is important.  All information submitted on a client history form is confidential, only used for the purposes of achieving the most beneficial work in a session, and for contacting you in relation to your sessions.  Personal information is not used for marketing or made available to any third party.  Physical copies of information is stored in a locked cabinet and not stored digitally.  Client History Forms sent by email will be printed and filed in a locked cabinet.  Digital copies will be deleted.  Records are destroyed 7 years following a client's final session, in accordance with Balens Ltd.