Kinesiology works by re-tuning the energy across the meridians, as defined by Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Meridians are a network of energy pathways which run up and down the body, head and limbs.  By re-tuning and balancing the energy at meridian level permanent change to the energy system can be achieved.  Corrections are made by using psychological expressions, magnets, homeopathic and chemical substances,  self-touch, body positions, allergens - whatever is causing stress to the body and energy system.  Disturbances within the energy system are identified through muscle testing.  Light pressure applied to a muscle responds to bio-energetic feedback from the energy system which is stimulated by verbal questioning.  As everyone is unique each session is also unique.  The client remains fully clothed whilst lying on a couch.  During the session a muscle is lightly tested to provide feedback from the body's energy system.