Phil Clubley KFRP

Chairing the Kinesiology Federation AGM and Conference in 2022.
Chairing the Kinesiology Federation AGM and Conference in 2022.
I am fascinated with kinesiology and vibrational/energy medicine which has made amazing changes to my life, that of my family and the lives of people I have worked with. After having kinesiology sessions for a long standing shoulder injury I was amazed from the start how powerful this process is.
I use energy work to maintain my health and it has been invaluable in expanding my awareness of what else is out there. Everyone is important and deserves to have a life with less stress and hardship. Helping people cope with what impedes their progress - whether on a physical level, or on emotional or spiritual levels - is one of the things I love most about what I do. Life is for living as fully as possible and we should be able to enjoy it.
Since completing my kinesiology training I have completed courses necessary to become a registered practitioner with the Kinesiology Federation including Nutrition (ION), Touch For Health, Interpersonal Skills and Anatomy & Physiology (MCS).
I am a Registered Professional with the Kinesiology Federation, as well as being the chair on the KF's Policy Board.  I work from The Injury Clinic in Anlaby.