Kinesiology in Anlably, East Yorkshire.

helping you to help your SELF

Perhaps you are visiting this site because you are looking to make a change in your life. Acknowledging the need to make a change is the first step in making change a reality. We each have the ability to create healing, harmony and happiness in our lives, to be integrated with our everyday environment and to deal with what day to day life throws at us and the effect it has on us physically, mentally and emotionally.  You have the potential to be at one with your surroundings, to exist in a state of harmony and balance and to heal what your physical body experiences as it copes with the energetic disturbances caused by your past, your experiences, your daily existence.
It is considered that much of the symptoms and dis-ease which affect us physically begin as emotional or psychological disturbances - these may be specific events, something that is present everyday or destructive self-beliefs. Our minds are so powerful that our body will follow what we believe.  If negative beliefs are able to affect us detrimentally on a  physical level then, conversely, the power of positive beliefs can have physical benefits.  Kinesiology can help remove or limit negative thought patterns, replacing them with positive patterns allowing us to function better on many levels and move forward in our lives.
Kinesiology accesses the body's energy system giving information that can aid our mind, body and spirit's journey through our daily lives, free our energy system of blockages, disturbances and the baggage we have collected along the way.  It can help us cope with external factors over which we have no control, such as pollutants, electro-magnetism and allergens which can push an over-stretched energy system into imbalance.