what my clients have said

Due to guidelines set out by Advertising Standards I am unable to specify health related issues/symptoms or to publicise benefits clients may have experienced.  Here are a few examples of what clients thought about their sessions. :-)

"I have had such beneficial treatment from Phil - ongoing work that has built my resilience to the bumps in life's road and a serious and scary health issue which was resolved in just one session.  Recommend him very highly indeed."
JH, Cherry Burton


'Phil Clubley rocks. He has given me a chance to move on.'

"Just wanted to thank you for the marvellous opportunity you have given me to move on. Over the last few weeks I have been more calm, given up some stressful things (like coffee) and have even stood my ground and have been self believing in situations that used to leave me in pieces. I admit I was nervous but you have made me believe in myself again (all that after one session for me!) Thanks again Phil. Here's to you!" HD, Halifax

"I just wanted to thank you again - you're amazing."
JINorth Dalton
'It has changed my life! It's fantastic!!'
"Overall I am a much calmer and happier person and I have a more positive outlook on everything.  I feel that my general wellbeing has improved and continues to improve. The sessions are very comfortable and relaxed and always give good results."
'I've been able to go back to an active lifestyle.'
"I had kinesiology recommended to me. I wasn't sure what to expect but the 2 sessions I had were relaxed and pleasant. The result means I've been able to go back to an active lifestyle."
'From the very first session I felt so much more positive and alive.'
"I didn't understand kinesiology, I only know how alert I felt after the first session.  Thank you so much, Phil."
'I was very pleased with my sessions.  They have helped with my everyday life.'
"I had one session and I felt very comfortable and at ease - Phil was very relaxing and reassuring.  My session was excellent and I learnt a lot about my body and how it works.  I went back for a second session to help me cope with a lot of personal trauma.  I find it difficult to talk openly and my body was feeling the effects of hiding my feelings.  I felt the benefit of this session immediately.  The session helped me mentally and has helped me understand how to listen to my body tells me."
LHKingston upon Hull
'The results have always amazed me!'
"The session was both fun and really relaxing.  Since then I have had further sessions for different issues and the results have always amazed me!"
'It is one of the best things I've ever done!'
"I went for kinesiology. Phil made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I saw Phil on four occasions and I found these sessions very beneficial. For a couple of things I had immediate results.  Others took a couple of sessions. I genuinely feel that it also helped with things I did not realise I was having problems with. I would definitely recommend it as it worked for me."
KDKingston upon Hull