Is It All In Your Head?

When my clients are telling their friends and families about  the transformational work they have experienced following a kinesiology session they will invariably be asked (or told) that it’s ‘all in your head, isn’t it?’


So, is this true?  Does healing from complementary therapies only take place because the recipient believes in the treatment they have received?  Is it the placebo effect?  I’d argue that if improvements in health are achieved does it really matter how they came about, but that is to miss the point of working with energy.


What is the mind, anyway?  There has been a debate running for centuries as to whether it is a physical or non-physical entity.  I subscribe to the dualistic view that not only is the mind separate to the physical body, but it is an energetic entity that exists in the same way as our meridian energy system and subtle bodies exist – as non-physical entities – vibrating at a frequency few people can see.


Your mind is the most powerful asset that you possess.  It thinks, perceives, creates.  It takes in new information, compares it to pre-existing data before decisions are made.  The view you have of the world is filtered through your mind.  Therefore, whether you perceive a situation to be challenging or not  is ultimately the result of your mind.


The physical body is heavily influenced by energetic information and interactions.  These influences can be self-created such as thoughts, feelings and experiences, or from external factors – other people, chemicals, pollutants, electro-magnetic fields (EMF), geopathic stress…  This information is taken into the subtle bodies and either used, stored or ignored by the mind and body.  If the information received is harmful (weakens the energy system) it will affect the body.  If the information our body relies on is missing or damaged (by the high frequencies of EMFs, for example) it is denied critical knowledge required for proper functioning.  The body becomes unable to perform tasks that once came easily, healing becomes slow and cognitive processes less effective.  More aggressively, misinformation can harm the physical body, creating pains that we can’t explain, deterioration of normal functioning and physical dis-ease.  This is due to the body being the end result of what is continually happening to it on an energetic level.  The mind is part of that energetic environment, influencing us and our reality.


So when I’m asked if a person’s problem, illness or difficulty is all in their mind, I always say, ‘yes!  It is all in your mind!  And is there anything more susceptible to change than a mind?’



Through kinesiology  I work with the way clients think and perceive situations.  My work gives the mind new information and training.  Stresses that effect the mind’s ability to assess situations are removed invariably leading to improved well-being.